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Family & Friends
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Uwe's 40th
Döckingen 2001
Solutions 2001
AIM Tour 2001
Bernd's x'28th
May 1st 2002
May 1st 2003
May 1st 2005
Ka's 40th
Lanzarote 2002
SDA Tour 2002
SDA Rowing 2002
SDA Hiking 2002
January 6th 2003
Horse riding 2003
Meccs 2003
Stubai 2003
Lago Di Garda 2003
SPS Hiking 2003
Alpsee 2004
Wilder Kaiser 2004
Seeg 2004
Schesaplana 2005
Kaprun 2007
Stubai 2008
Gran Canaria 2008
Hiking 2008
Döbriach 2009
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Who we are:

This space is dedicated to my family.

They are for sure the most important part of my life and so an this site<g>

We´re living in nice little town in Germany since years and like the spot a lot.


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    You can reach us all via email under the following email adresses if you like:

    Some pictures

    Here are some pictures of us, so that you can see how we look like, when you meet us<g>.


    Last update of site: 12/14/09


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