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Information Technology

These pages should give you an overview, with which technologies I’m working and I’m trying to understand.

I hope there´s some nice information here on Operating Systems, links are going to separate pages on my site:

  • z/OS & System z9
  • Linux - mainly on Intel at home and S/390 at work
  • Windows - well i hate to write this as an OS/2 fan, but it´s really easy to work with on a workstation - maybe slow but powerful.
  • OS/2 - or better Warp? Well, i had a lot information for that - but is really anybody asking for it?
  • Java - You have to have Java information on your site - the Cobol of the year 200x.
  • IBM WebSphere informations and links.
  • XML informations
  • Hardware - some links on PC hardware.
  • Palm - some links on Palm Computing.
  • T-DSL/ADSL - for some details about DSL technology.
  • VMware ESXi virtual computing.

Links to friends working in IT:


News for IT:

April 5, 2010
New VMware ESXi page.

October 23, 2005
New designed z/OS page.

May 27, 2005
Interesting z/OS sites found.

August 10, 2003
New Grid computing links.

Some information on Technologies:


Last update of site: 04/05/10


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