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JBench or Bernds Java Bench

Java seems to be the technology of the 21 century and so - how does it perform?

Use JBench at one of your machines:

  • Download it here or get the source from my CVS archive.
  • Start it in a Java environment
  • Compare the results to mine on my Pentium 4 1.7 Ghz ...

Disclaimer: This is no official kind of benchmarking tool, which is highly sophisticated; it’s just a bunch of lines of code which should give me! a feeling for Java performance on some platforms.

BTW, it’s a simple one - as you can see after downloading the .JAR file containing the sourcecode.

News for JBench:

February 24, 2001

CVS access to JBench enabled.

November 7, 2001

Release 1.7 of my Java version after tested on Linux INTEL, S/390 and Windows 2000.

May 28, 2001

Initial release 1.1 of my simple Java version of bench (which is the C version).

    Expect big performance gains in different JDKs on same machine, see the SUN and IBM JDK in the graph!

    Another java benchmark is here.

    C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Bernd Kunrath\Eigene Dateien\src\bench>java -cp J
    Bench.jar de.kunrath.jbench.JBench -s
    JBench Simple Benchmark for OS/390, OS/2, WinNT, Linux, Linux/390, AIX, SUNOS, H
    PUX and Java!
    JBench Copyright (c) B. Kunrath 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 -
    JBench Version:1.7
    JBench Java vendor-specific string .: Sun Microsystems Inc.
    JBench Java version number .........: 1.3.1
    JBench Java class version number ...: 47.0
    JBench Operating system architecture: x86
    JBench Operating system name .......: Windows 2000
    JBench Operating system version ....: 5.0
    JBench doFileIO write, 20000 records, each 512 bytes long...
    JBench doFileIO write ok.
    JBench doFileIO read, 20000 records, each 512 bytes long...
    JBench doFileIO read ok.
    JBench says: elapsed time(ms): 3275
    JBench doFloatComputation ...
    JBench doFloatComputation ok.
    JBench says: elapsed time(ms): 14200
    JBench doIntegerComputation ...
    JBench doIntegerComputation ok.
    JBench says: elapsed time(ms): 9534
    JBench doMemoryCopies ...
    JBench doMemoryCopies ok.
    JBench says: elapsed time(ms): 1602
    JBench doBranches ...
    JBench doBranches ok.
    JBench says: elapsed time time(ms): 5919
    JBench says: elapsed time(ms): 34550

    C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Bernd Kunrath\Eigene Dateien\src\bench>


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