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Early Tours
Day 1 - Martina - Zuoz
Day 2 - Maloja - Como
Day 3 - Bernina - Zuoz
Day 4 - Julier - Albula
Day 5 - Albula - Ofen
Day 6 - Stilfser Joch
Lanzarote Bike 2002
Stubai 2003 Bike
Lago Di Garda 2003
Bike 30.000 km
New Strike 2003
Lago Di Garda 2004
U Maxfeld 2004
Bike 2004
Alpsee 2004
Bad Ditzenbach Testride
Bike 2005
Alpsee 2005
Bike 40.000

Tour through the Alps 2002 will documented here completetly, some first impressions. A complete tour description will be available soon.

Day 1 from Martina -Zuoz was the starting point of our tour. We started at the late morning after driving from Stuttgart. There were not a lot uphills, but it still ended up with nearly 1000 meters uphill

The Day 2 from Zuoz up to the Maloja pass and down to Italy, wehere we arrived after over 120 km at Como.

The Day 3 was the first hard uphill and the most uphill meters of the whole tour. It leaded us from italy over the bernina down to pondresina and back to Zuoz.

Day 4 - After a hard uphill at the beginning of the Julier pass from St. Moritz the Julier was quite easy to reach. Down it went for a long time and after a small lunch we started the Albula, where we had to stop the tour 400 meters before the top because of hard rain. We decide to connect at the same position at Day 5.

Day 5 - Again 400m before the top of the Albula we started and it was real cold (about 6 degrees celsius!). I drove downhill anyway, see the thick clothes a weared at the picture! Down and over the Ofenpass was a hard two staged way up and a nice downhill to the Vinschgau at the foot of the Reschenpass.

Day 6 - We really planned to have a day off after all that, but after starting the Stilfser Joch, we couldn’t stop till we reach the Franzenshöhe, which is about 400 m before the top. From there on we could see the top and we already had 17% uphills, so we decided to go up to the top at 2758m!

All in all it was a real great tour and a here a lot of thanks to all that were involved!


Preparation Tour

Some pictures from the preparation tour in April are available here..

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