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Early Tours
Lanzarote Bike 2002
Stubai 2003 Bike
Lago Di Garda 2003
Bike 30.000 km
New Strike 2003
Lago Di Garda 2004
U Maxfeld 2004
Bike 2004
Alpsee 2004
Bad Ditzenbach Testride
Bike 2005
Alpsee 2005
Bike 40.000
Sella 2006
Bike 2006
Mittenwald 2006
Bike 2006

Bike 2006 this time mixed!

Here you can find some nice pictures, reports and maps of my latest bike event, the yearly bike tour (see pictures of the Bike 2002 tour, Bike 2004 tour and Bike 2005 tour here) with my brother and friends (the ‘gemeine Karpatenbär’ this time again was present)

This year, we mixed race- and mountainbiking! We changed the bike nearly daily and the tours have taken place around the area of Mittenwald in the south of germany and in Austria.

In the picture above, ...

During the seven days, we rode not less than:

  • ... Will be completed shortly...
  • ... mountainbike tours,
  • ... racebike tours,
  • approximately ... km in the mountains
  • approximately ... km on the road
  • and the altimeter showed a sum of ???? m.

See some more details behind the quicklinks to the right - have fun!

I used the ... Moser Guide ... for planning and documenting the tours.


Day one (Saturday)
Kranzberg special (MTB).

Day two (Sunday)
Esthergebirge (MTB).

Day three (Monday)
Walchensee & Eng (MTB.

Day four (Tuesday)
Timmelsjoch (Race).

Day five (Wednesday)
Namlos, Hahntennjoch (Race).

Day six (Thursday)
A day off with only a short tour to the gaistal (Race).

Day seven (Friday)
Karwendelhaus (MTB).


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