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Early Tours
Lanzarote Bike 2002
Stubai 2003 Bike
Lago Di Garda 2003
Bike 30.000 km
New Strike 2003
Lago Di Garda 2004
U Maxfeld 2004
Bike 2004
Alpsee 2004
Bad Ditzenbach Testride
Bike 2005
Alpsee 2005
Bike 40.000
Bike 40.000

Completed 40.000 km

Here are only a view pictures of my short tour at the 26. February 2006 completing 40.000 km. I’ve done this tour around the globe since 1997!

I rode our local trails, for example here on the picture it’s the Otterbachtal.

Last update of site: 04/05/06


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