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Early Tours
Lanzarote Bike 2002
Stubai 2003 Bike
Lago Di Garda 2003
Bike 30.000 km
New Strike 2003
Lago Di Garda 2004
U Maxfeld 2004
Bike 2004
Alpsee 2004
Bad Ditzenbach Testride
Bike 2005
Alpsee 2005
Bike 40.000
Early Tours

Pictures of my Döckingen Tour, Germany from 2001/06/02

Döckingen, in the south of germany (Franken) was a great area for some bike rides.

Pictures of tour making 20.000 km complete, Germany from 2001/05/27

Yes, I did 20.000 km during the last four years, isn’t that great<g>.

Some pictures of Fathersday Biketour with Werner, Germany from 2001/05/24

Seems we didn’t ride a lot, but we actually moved 55 km this day!


Around Pleidelsheim 1, Germany from 2001/05/23

Pictures from one of my daily tours in summer throughout thearea around Pleidelsheim:

Lake Minnewaska, New York, USA from 1999/31/10

More pictures from Lake Minnewaska State Park, New York, USA, made by my friend Andy during our IBM redbook session.

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