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Early Tours
Lanzarote Bike 2002
Stubai 2003 Bike
Lago Di Garda 2003
Bike 30.000 km
New Strike 2003
Lago Di Garda 2004
U Maxfeld 2004
Bike 2004
Alpsee 2004
Bad Ditzenbach Testride
Bike 2005
Alpsee 2005
Bike 40.000
Lago Di Garda 2003

Three Tours are shown here; they ‘re all around this nice lake in italy we were for holidays in 2003. Thanks to the Moser Bike Guides I found the tours. Actually it wasn’t so easy to read the guide,  the map and ride the bike, but anyway here are the tours, pictures see at our holiday pictures.

Ronda Marocche (Moser 11/Tour 24),

Not quite easy, but not to steep. There’s a steep single trail at the end of the tour just before Dro I don’t think somebody is able to ride without being the world champion in mountain bike trial riding<g>. See the Hac4 report.


Costa Bella (Moser 11/Tour 35 “short Trip”),

Easy uphill only on big gravel trail, not to steep. Nice view over the lake - but nothing really exceptional! I started at the small town Prada, a little skiing area. See the Hac4 report.


Passo dello Spino (Moser 12/Tour 23),

Absolutely not easy, steep uphill and downhill. The beginning is a combination of nomal streets and singletrail uphills and then the steep uphill to the passo del spino needed a lot of my power at about 35 degree celsius - wow. See the Hac4 report.



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