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Maintain your Bike I

New section on howto do bike stuff:

I want to show each week/month/year (don’t know the interval yet), some new stuff or tips and tricks here i.e. repairing or maintain bike parts.

Instead of pipes:

Try these new WRW rolls instead your V-brake pipes. These rolls will transport your brakes more smoothly, are easier to pull, release and they work more exact.

Keep your rear shock clean:

This is my second shock in that bike. The first was a Fox Racing Shox Air Vanilla RC, which was not to bad as a shock, but very bad for quality.

Actually I had three of them and after about 14.000 km I had to change the third too. They all leaked air and no this is not normal for an air shock, as everybody say.

This time I bought the RockShox SID XC 2001, which is much better to adjust, works much better - even for very small things.

And the best of all: I have the SID now for months and about 4.000 km; it really holds the air just fine! Well, yes, this time a also bought these Lizard Skinz and clean the shock every 200-400 km. Buy multiple Lizard Skins and put it around the shock mounting to. So the bearings don’t get to dirty, because they are hard to get.

Clean your SID fork after every ride!

Yes, this is true. The new sealings in the SID are better then before, so that’s the reason RockShox can avoid the plastics.

But you have to clean them after every ride. Especially if the mud gets dry and hardens, it will break the sealing after some time. So better do what I do, clean them and give them some oil. (not too much).

Change your HAC4 batteries:

I wanted to present how to change batteries in your HAC4. But the guys from ciclosport are faster!

Check their website Here you can download the instructions in a lot of languages, here’s the german one.

Last update of site: 11/01/10


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