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Second new section on howto do bike stuff:

I wanted to show each -whatever- some new stuff or tips and tricks here.

Changing a cassette:

After some long tours of about 1.500 km, I normally change for a new chain and after I’ve done that 3-4 times I check on changing the cassette too.

I don’t use a Titanium XTR cassette because it’s simply too expensive, a XT works fine for me too.As an alternative you can only exchange the first 3 chainrings alone, which safes you up to two-third of the price of the complete cassette.

OK, so let’s get going:

1. Step

Open the cassette lock ring using two tools, one for holding the cassette simulating a chain and a Tool TL-HG 16 like the one on the following picture to hold the lock ring.

After all clean it, it’s important to clear all the sand and stuff from the freewheel-body.

2. Step

Push on the cassette and after that the three chainrings. Use the mark, a triangle on my type of cassette, to find the right position on the freewheel-body.


Fasten the whole thing first using your fingertips very gentle and after use the tools like in the first Step, simply the other way around.

Very good instructions these are available from Shimano europe.

Last update of site: 11/01/10


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