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Strike Old Mountainbike

My Mountainbike

I´m glad I own now a Scott G-Zero Strike Limited 2003, really a step forward from my great Trek Y-22 1998.The Strike is a even better carbonfibre piece of bike.

The following shows some great pictures of the Strike with even lighter carbon frame, XTR 2007, New 2007 Mavic Crossmax UST SLR Disc, Ritchey Carbon handlebar and a lot of other Ritchey WCS pieces.

Meet me every weekend on the bike. For more older pictures of my MTBs see ....


March 3, 2007
Updated the bike nearly complete with XTR 2007 parts, a Reba Team Air U-Turn and even more carbon.

January 2, 2007
New XTR 2007 brakes, Dual Control and derailleur.

April 10, 2004
New Strike 2003 got it’s first service with fresh tires and more!

January 6, 2003
The ultimate next one?
Scott G-Zero Strike Limited 2003 or try this.

    Some photos on the new Reba and the XTR 2007, the new Dual Control shifting is really the greatest in smoothness and most precise I ever felt in shifting:

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